On Wednesday, 30th March, Tahura WAR and FLIGHT held a training for the community of the Wan Abdul Rachman area at the auditorium of Wan Abdul Rachman. The training was held to help improve the economy of the communities around the forest area. A total of 40 women came as participants.

A representative from Tahura WAR, Politeknik Negeri Lampung, FLIGHT, and an entrepreneur also came as speakers. The topic of the training is regarding Banana Chips Production and the Marketing Techniques. Banana is known as one of the most produced agricultural products by forest farmers.

All of the activities were done as one of our community development programs. Aimed at improving the quality of life of the communities, FLIGHT formulated this program based on focus group discussions and training with the relevant communities (Forest Farmers) to identify their underlying needs and the corresponding solutions. Support activities may include sustainable agriculture and food product and/or handicraft production for alternative income.

FLIGHT strives to develop the communities who understood the stakes of our biodiversity and manage to guard the ecosystem surrounding their lives. Our ultimate goal is to alter their main income from hunting and/or bird trading to farming and production.

We also want to mention our gratitude and appreciation for our sponsor, @theellenfund
for helping us to fund this activity.