FLIGHT was formed as a direct response to the massive scale of songbird trade in Indonesia, most of which involves the trapping of wild birds to supply the demand. This is driving many species into decline and even resulting in local extinctions in the wild. We are the single organization that focuses on combating illegal wild bird trade in Indonesia and we work at the frontline.

We are registered at the Ministry of Legal and Human Rights on 6th of February 2018 (Reg #AHU-0001636.AH.01.04.Tahun 2018)  as a Not-For-Profit conservation group in Indonesia.

On Tuesday, 17 October 2023, Flight received an award from the Indonesian Quarantine Agency for its participation in supporting the implementation of the duties and functions of the Indonesian Quarantine Agency in efforts to protect natural resources in Indonesia Territory.

The award was handed over by the Director General of Law Enforcement MoEF Rasio Ridho Sani to the Executive Director of FLIGHT Marison Guciano at the Forum Group Discussion “Synergy to strengthen supervision and control of the circulation of wild/rare plants and animals in Sumatran region” at the Emersia Hotel, Bandar Lampung.

Over the last five years, our work monitoring wildlife markets and investigating the illegal trade of wild birds have become key to supporting law enforcement efforts, especially where protected species are involved. FLIGHT’s support for key government agencies has directly led to numerous large-scale confiscations and arrests in areas where we are working with authorities.

We have supported the rescue more than 180,000 wild birds from poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. Dozens of major traffickers have been sentenced to fines and prison sentences and many of them have been bankrupted and have ceased operations.