In early 2023, we completed the construction of a songbird rehabilitation center located in Wan Abdul Rachman Grand Forest Park, Lampung. This center was built with the aim of caring for confiscated songbirds that are sick and unable to fly because their wings were damaged by poacher traps.

This center was built on the Wan Abdul Rahman Grand Forest Park with financial support from the Animals Asia Foundation. FLIGHT and the Wan Abdul Rahman Grand Forest Park Management Unit have an MoU to collaborate in protecting wild birds and their habitats.

Wan Abdul Rachman Grand Forest Park as a conservation forest area with an area of ±22,245.50 hectare is a form of forest area management that combines 3 (three) conservation functions, namely protection, preservation and utilization so that it becomes one of the locations for bird releases.

Until September 2023, more than 700 confiscated songbirds were cared for at this center. Most of them have recovered and have been released into the wild.

Why in Lampung?

We built this center in Lampung, southern Sumatra, because Lampung is the main route for smuggling Sumatran songbirds to Java, where Bakauheni Seaport is the main exit point.

In the last five years, around 200 thousand songbirds have been rescued by authorities from illegal wildlife trade and smuggling attempts in Lampung. The intensity of confiscation and the number of wildlife confiscated in Lampung are the highest in Indonesia.