For the last 5 years since we started (2018-2023), FLIGHT has accomplished:
  • More than 180,000 live individual songbirds were rescued from poaching and illegal wildlife trade
  • Rescued hundreds of other animals such as Tortoises, proboscis monkeys, The grizzled tree-kangaroos, Sun Bear cub, hornbills, eagles, leopard cats, Gibbons etc 
  • Helped the youth to boost their knowledge about animal welfare, nature conservation, and birds
  • Approximately 7 schools were already visited for nature conservation and the animal welfare education
  • Dozens of illegal traders/sellers have completely halted their operations of birds illegal trading
  • Empowering hundreds of community members living around the forest
  • Plant around 1,000 trees whose fruits and flowers can provide food for confiscated birds that are released into the wild