The cooperation of SKW III Lampung, Lampung Police, and FLIGHT Protecting Indonesia’s Birds successfully made another catch. On 7th September 2021, the team caught three (3) men who’s owning and selling protected animals at the Lematang Village, South Lampung.

The three perpetrators, with initials MS (30), AB (20), and APD (20), were doing their MO of selling protected animals through Facebook. The protected animals which they tried to sell include two Siamangs (one baby and one adult), one Agile Gibbon, and three babies of Javan Langur.

These six primates were treated at the Animal Rescue Center of SKW III Lampung for now and planned to be released after their rehabilitation was done. Meanwhile, the perpetrators will be charged for violation of Law No.5 of 1990 Concerning Conservation of the Living Natural Resources and Its Ecosystem with 5 years of imprisonment and 100 Million Rupiahs fine.