On the 15th of January, Flight successfully assisted Bakauheni Port Police, Lampung Natural  Resources Conservation Center, and Lampung Quarantine in preventing a smuggling attempt of 1.722 songbirds from Sumatra and headed to Java. These birds are crammed into 64 boxes.
Flight then assisted Forest Management of Rajabasa, Lampung Quarantine, Bakauheni Port Police, Natural Resources Conservation Center, and representation from Lampung High Prosecutor Office in releasing these poor birds back into the wild.
On the 27th of December, Flight also assisted Bakauheni Port Police and Lampung Quarantine in preventing the smuggling attempt of 12 boxes containing 240 songbirds from Sumatra to Java through the Bakauheni Port. These birds are then released back into the wild the next day.
The attempt of illegal smuggling in December doesn’t stop there, early on the 21st of December, Flight, and Lampung
Natural Resources Conservation Center jeopardizes the smuggling attempt of 151 songbirds that are being transported illegally through a bus. As well as 930 songbirds that are saved from a smuggling attempt in Bakaheuni Port via a truck on December 17. All of these songbirds are then released back into the wild.