Throughout February 2024, we recorded that approximately 24 times the smuggling of wild birds carried out by traffickers were successfully thwarted by law officers. More than 6,900 birds have been confiscated and rescued from the hands of perpetrators. Unfortunately, a number of birds—especially small-sized birds—die or are not saved as a result of negligent transportation procedures.

Due to the constant high market demand, songbirds are the most common species in the illegal wildlife trade. In fact, 97.75% of all confiscated birds are songbirds of various species, with the majority coming from the island of Sumatra, which is a paradise for all kinds of birds, especially songbirds.

Therefore, while FLIGHT is primarily help the autorties saving songbirds, we have also aided in the rescue of other threatened and endangered birds, such as crooked-beaked birds like parrots and coockatos from eastern Indonesia. More than 140 crooked-beaked birds of different species were discovered to have been saved from the illegal trade on February 2024.

Birds population especially songbirds in Indonesia continues to be under pressure mainly due to poaching and illegal trade. In order to continue to be able to enjoy the beauty of various bird species flying freely in the wild in the future, we need to be more conscious of the risks posed by declining bird populations in the wild and work to protect them.