March has just gone halfway, but within 9 days (9th-17th) of this month, there are already more than 4,000 wild birds of various species rescued from smuggling attempts. Most of these occur in Lampung, Sumatra.

Starting from March 9th, Information collected by FLIGHT led to the rescue of 36 Ornate Lorikeet (Trichoglossus ornatus) from illegal wildlife trade by South Sulawesi BKSDA in Makassar.

2 days after, precisely on 11th March, the Lampung Police and Lampung Nature Conservation Agency successfully foiled a smuggling attempt of more than 2000 Bar-winged Prinias with an assist from FLIGHT.

The birds were contained inside 69 plastic containers and brought using a car. It was known that these birds were planned to deliver to Lampung from Jambi. All of the birds were already released to the Wan Abdul Rachman Grand Forest Park (Tahura WAR).

The third rescue also occurred in Lampung, where more than 300 wild birds were successfully thwarted by the team of Central Lampung Police, SKW III Lampung Nature Conservation Agency, and also an assist from FLIGHT on Monday, 14th March.

The birds include Drongo, Tit-babblers, Common Iora, Sunbirds, White-eyes, Bar-winged Prinia, Blue-masked Leafbirds, and Pied Fantails. These birds were found inside 7 plastic containers and 1 card box. They were brought by a Pahala Kencana bus. Based on the driver’s statement, these birds came from Way Kanan Lampung and planned to be delivered to Serang, Banten, West Java. These birds were also released at the Tahura WAR Area.

The latest one happened exactly 3 days after the third rescue, it also happened at Lampung. More than 2,000 wild birds were seized from another smuggling attempt by the team of Lampung Regional Police, SKW III Lampung Nature Conservation Agency, and also an assist from FLIGHT on Thursday, March 17th.

The species of the birds were vary, including Orange-spotted Bulbuls, Black-naped Orioles, Sumatran Bulbuls, Javan Myna, Bar-winged Prinias, Common Flamebacks, Sunda White-eyes, etc. These birds were handed over immediately to the Lampung Nature Conservation Agency for the releasing.