More than 4000 birds were rescued from smuggling attempt through 4 rescue operations in Lampung (South Sumatra), Solok (West Sumatra), and Riau (Sumatra). Yes, you read it right. 4 smuggling attempts in one Island of Sumatra, within just 9 days (15th to 24th November).

First rescue operation starts on November 15th, where FLIGHT successfully assisted the KSKP Bakauheni, Lampung Agricultural Quarantine and also the Nature Conservation Agency to foil a smuggling attempt of more than 1,000 (roughly 1,467) wild birds of various species. These birds brought using a truck from Lampung and contained inside plastic boxes. Some of the birds were including Ashy Tailorbirds, White-eyes, Zebra Doves, etc. These poor birds were immediately released in the wild after undergoes some check-ups.

Five days afterward, on November 20th, another 2,159 wild birds were seized on Bakauheni Port which still in the same area of Lampung by KSKP Bakauheni and Lampung Agricultural Quarantine team with an assist from FLIGHT. The 2,159 birds were planned to be shipped without any required quarantine documents. Fortunately, the birds were released on the same day after being handed over to the Bengkulu Nature Conservation Agency.

The third operation occurred in Solo, West Sumatra on November 22nd, 2021. A total of 391 birds were successfully rescued by the Solok Police and West Sumatra Nature Conservation Agency with the help from FLIGHT. The birds were varying in species but some are including Blue-winged Leafbirds (Chloropsis cochinchinensis), Blue-masked Leafbirds (Chloropsis venusta), and Greater Green Leafbirds (Chloropsis sonnerati), in which all of them were categorized as protected species. For now the perpetrator, AN (33) were being held by the Solok Police. Meanwhile, the 391 birds were already released on the Barisan Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagati Gantung Ciri, Solok, West Sumatra on November 23rd, 2021.

Exactly two days after, on November 24th, another 140 wild birds which were going to be traded were successfully rescued by the Kampar Police and Riau Nature Conservation Agency, FLIGHT were also there to assist the team. The rescue was started from reports from the community and information on social media that there has been a trade of birds in the area. The 140 birds seized, and the perpetrator (NM) were taken to the Kampar Police Station. The 140 birds were consisted of 53 Blue-crowned Hanging Parrots (Loriculus galgulus) and 87 Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus). All of these birds were successfully released in the wild, on a conservation area far away from residents. For a time being, the perpetrator (NM) were being questioned by the Kampar Police.

So, roughly 4,157 wild birds were seized by the Law Enforcement and also FLIGHT in span of nine (9) days; and this is occurred only in one island, which is Sumatra Can you imagine if we sum up the total of all major island of Indonesia? well, do the math. Unfortunately, illegal trafficking, trading, and smuggling of animals (including birds) are happening in a very alarming rates in Indonesia. We need to stop this altogether, before it’s too late.