On Tuesday, November 7, 2023, FLIGHT paid a friendly visit to the Indonesian quarantine agency in Jakarta. The visit was to conduct a more in-depth discussion on saving protected wildlife, especially birds from illegal wildlife trade and to tighten our synergy with Indonesian Government Authorities

Nabila Fatma as the Director of Communication of FLIGHT was presented a placard to the Head of the center for Animal Quarantine and Biosafety, Wisnu Wasisa Putra,DVM., M.Sc as a form of appreciation for the commitment and active role of the Indonesian Quarantine Agency in enforcement and saving plants and wildlife especially Birds in Indonesia.

FLIGHT and The Indonesian Quarantine Agency are agree that we should protect Indonesian birds from illegal hunting and smuggling, so the population of the beautiful creatures like Indonesian birds not continue to decrease until they eventually become extinct.

Up to now, FLIGHT has been actively supporting the efforts of quarantine officers in several regions, such as Lampung Quarantine and Surabaya Quarantine, to prevent the smuggling of wildlife, especially birds.

As we know, illegal wildlife trade not only threatens the extinction of many species, but can also increase the risk of spreading zoonoses, which are diseases that can be naturally transmitted from animals to humans or vice versa. Therefore, FLIGHT’s support of Quarantine’s work is also aimed at creating a healthy society and environment.