Wildlife trade is one of the main conservation threats in Southeast Asia and Indonesia is known for high levels of illegal and unsustainable trade in various wildlife. During the FLIGHT period in November 2022, partners and other agencies managed to carry out 8 confiscations.

The agencies and partners involved were the Surabaya Quarantine, Tanjung Perak Port Police, Pelalawan Police, BKSDA, Law Enforcement Unit of MoEF, Central Lampung Police, Bakauheni Seaport Police, Lampung Road Patrol, Military Police, and FLIGHT managed to seizure 5,208 birds during the November 2022 period.

The confiscation locations were carried out in Lampung, Surabaya and Papua. Most of the birds confiscated were songbirds with a total of 2,176 birds found at Ketapang Seaport, Banyuwangi. The other bird species are the Red Knobbed hornbill, the Single Gelambir Cassowary, the Parrot Bayan, and the pitohui. The confiscated birds are then handed over to the relevant agency (BKSDA) for release.