Bukittinggi Police with an assist from FLIGHT arrested a man who was suspected to be a seller of protected birds in Parabek Nagari Ladang Laweh, Agam, West Sumatra on Tuesday, October 5th. F (49) was arrested after the police got information from the residents around.

The police also secured 583 birds as evidence. The birds were including 3 Black-headed Bulbuls, 2 Ashy Bulbuls, 14 Blue-winged Leafbirds, 9 Sunda Bulbuls, 500 Sunda White-eye, 16 Sumatran Laughingthrush, 14 Oriental Magpie-robins, 8 Orange-spotted Bulbuls, 5 Long-tailed Sibia, and 12 Red-throated Sunbirds. Some of them were included in the protected animals’ list by the government.

F was now still being investigated by the police. He will be charged with Article 40 Verse 2 Jo and Article 21 Verse 2 of Law No. 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of the Living Natural Resources and Its Ecosystem.

The police also added his appeal to the community not to violate the law under the pretext of “selling protected animals” because it can cause damage to the Nature Reserve area and the preservation area.