How do you appreciate birds’ beauty without hunting and/or putting them in a cage?

Answer: Birdwatching/Birding.

Birdwatching is the activity of observing birds in their natural habitat. We could appreciate the beauty of birds by observing them in the wild, not by keeping them inside a small cage and keeping them as a pet.

On 15th and 16th February, FLIGHT conducted Birdwatching on the Wan Abdul Rachman Grand Forest Park (Tahura WAR) to monitor and observe birds in the surrounding area. Tahura WAR was also the place where the seized birds were released.

The birdwatching track was not that steep, so it was suitable for all people, even for a starter. Tahura WAR’s diversity was still rich, so our team was able to observe a lot of species. Some bird species that were successfully observed were eagles, bulbuls, etc.