UPTD KPHK Tahura Wan Abdul Rachman (WAR) in collaboration with the National Research & Innovation Agency (BRIN) and Yayasan Terbang Indonesia (FLIGHT) held the Aren Festival which is one of the agendas of the Lampung Forest Tourism Festival in 2022 on Thursday, July 21st.

The festival was attended by a total of 100 participants consisting of 17 KPH at the Lampung Provincial Forestry Service along with its Forest Farmer Group (KTH) which has the potential for palm products. At the festival, a seminar and products exhibition was carried out. In addition, partners of Tahura WAR such as Lampung University, Sumatra Institue of Technology, Lamping State Polytechnic, and Walhi were also present.

The purpose of the Aren Festival is to educate farmers about the diversification of palm products to increase the selling value of palm juice, marketing, and palm cultivation systems.

The seminar was guided by Rini Nurindarwati S.Hut, MP with speakers from BRIN, Prof. Budi Laksono, Dr. Ina Winarni, Mb Mimi Salmnah, M.For SC, Anita Aprilia Dwi Rahayu, M For Sc, M gt. The speakers delivered material on Bioethanol Processing from palm juice, products marketing, and silviculture techniques.

Products exhibition was also held. Palm products brought by the farmer group participants such as palm sugar, liquid sugar, ginger palm sugar, and others.

Lastly, we want to say our gratitude to @theellenfund for helping us to fund this activity.