On the 5th month of 2022, FLIGHT successfully rescued approximately 2,000 wild birds and seized 13 kg of pangolin scales by assisting the law enforcement team.

These numbers came from 4 operations in Sumatra. The first rescue was on Thursday, 12th May in Riau when an inspection by the Pelalawan Police and Riau Nature Conservation Agency and information by FLIGHT successfully led to a seizing of more than 1000 wild birds. The birds were contained inside 34 boxes and brought with a black car.



The species of birds include 600 Cinereous Tits, 420 Bar-winged Prinias, and 1 Black-naped Oriole. These birds were immediately handed over to the Riau Nature Conservation Agency and already released into the wild.



On Tuesday, May 24th, a joint team of Port Area Sector Police (KSKP) Bakauheni, Bakauheni Agricultural Quarantine, Lampung Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), and an assist from FLIGHT rescued more than 600 birds in Lampung. These birds were found on two trucks at the entrance of Bakauheni Port


The birds include 160 Javan Mynas, 140 Yellow-vented Bulbuls, 100 Bar-winged Prinias, 80 Long-tailed Shrikes, 77 Maroon-bellied Sunbirds, 30 White-eyes, 6 Lesser Green Leafbirds, etc. These birds were brought from a seller in Palembang and planned to be delivered to a buyer in Cikupa, Tangerang. These poor birds were also immediately released to their natural habitat.

Three days after, an investigation by FLIGHT into the trade in wild birds from Lampung, Sumatra on Friday, May 27th ended up with the seizure of 355 wild birds by Bakauheni Port Area Sector Police (KSKP) and Bakauheni Agricultural Quarantine. The 355 birds including Ashy Tailorbirds, Cinereous Tits, Common Ioras, Bar-winged Prinias, etc. These birds were released by the team and assisted by FLIGHT.


In the latest operation, West Sumatra Police with an assist from FLIGHT seized a total of 13 kg of pangolin scales from a trader in Sumatra. The scales were brought with a sack bag. The scales were now secured; meanwhile, the perpetrator was held to be investigated by the police.