Smuggling of 1650 birds was successfully thwarted on Friday, 2nd April 2021 by Lampung Agricultural Quarantine, Bakaheuni Port Area with an assist from FLIGHT.

“The smuggling was caught because they didn’t provide a health document and also another required documents,” said Isaias, the official representative from Bakaheuni Agricultural Quarantine.

A total of 1650 birds consisted of 1150 Bulbuls, 300 Sparrows, 125 Tailorbirds, and also 75 Bar-winged Prinia were put inside 22 boxes of used cardboards and fruit boxes. These smuggled birds were transported by a truck that carried DOCs (Day Old Chick) while heading to Tangerang, Banten.


Karman, the Sub-Coordinator of Supervision and Enforcement Substances from Lampung Agricultural Quarantine said that this wrongdoing was violating Law No.21 of 2019 concerning Fish, Animals, and Plants Quarantine.

Later, the smuggled birds were released to their natural habitat after going through health checks by the quarantine officer.