On Wednesday, February 2nd, a team of Lampung SKW III, Terbanggi Besar Polices, and also assist from FLIGHT successfully thwarted a smuggling attempt of 712 wild birds in Central Lampung.

The birds were planned to be delivered to Bandung. They were contained inside 17 plastic containers and 1 small card box. The species of the bird are vary, some of them are Zebra Doves (Geopelia striata), White-eyes, Blue-masked Leafbirds (Chloropsis venusta), etc.

These birds were brought by a bus, with Rahmat as a driver. The driver was still being questioned by the police. It was known that he’s going to send the birds to Bandung with a total price of Rp 1.700.000,-

Most of the birds (696 of them), which are the one that’s not included in the Protected Species List were immediately released on the next day. They were released in Wan Abdul Rahman Grand Forest Park (TAHURA WAR) after undergoes some check-ups. Meanwhile, the protected Blue-masked Leafbirds were for now being monitored and rehabilitated at the Lampung Animal Rescue Centre of SKW III Lampung Bengkulu Nature Conservation Agency (BKSDA).