As many as 2083 birds from different species were going to be smuggled from Lampung to Banten, thankfully, the smuggling was successfully thwarted by Cilegon Police, Nature Conservation Agency (BKSDA), and Cilegon Agricultural Quarantine with an assist from FLIGHT.

On Wednesday (09/06/2021) at 4 AM, officers from Sector Police of KSKP Merak secured a colt truck containing 2083 birds. Based on the description of the perpetrator (ST), these birds will be shipped to Serang and Tangerang.

Cilegon Police already coordinated with the Cilegon Agricultural Quarantine to do health screening for the birds, after the screening they planning on releasing the birds to the protected forest in the nature preserve area of Mancak District.

The perpetrator was subjected to a violation of Article 40 Juncto, Article 2A and 2B of Law No. 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of Living Resources and Their Ecosystem with a maximum of 2 years of jail time, and also Law No. 21 of 2019 concerning Quarantine of Animals, Fish, and Plants with maximum 3 years of jail time and 3 billion rupiahs fine.