The Lampung Agriculture Quarantine Center, assisted by FLIGHT, confiscated 3,175 wild birds illegally which will be smuggled from Sumatera to Java via bakaheuni port on December 10. Birds which survived were released the next day into the Pesawaran forest park, after undergoing a health check.

Thousands of birds without legal documents were confiscated from two private cars in Bakaheuni Port, Lampung, Sumatra. They were on their way to Jakarta from Bandar Lampung. The birds include common flameback, sumatran laughingthrush, black-headed Bulbul, crested jay, and maroon-bellied sunbirds.

Executive Director of FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia’s Birds, Marison Guciano, praised the efforts of the Lampung Agricultural Quarantine Center which succeeded in rescuing this large number of birds.

According to him, the large number reflects the growth in demand for Sumatran wild birds to in Java.

From November 17 to December 10 (less than 1 month), The quarantine authorities in Lampung and Cilegon succeeded in thwarting efforts to smuggle more than 12,000 illegal wild birds from Sumatra to Java through Bakaheuni Port in Lampung and Merak Port in Banten, two places that connect the islands of Java and Sumatra.