Millions of wild birds in Indonesia are thought to have migrated from nature to bird markets and become pets in homes. They are confined in small cages only to be heard the singing.

The rise of bird chirping contests in almost all regions in Indonesia became one of the triggers of the rampant hunting, smuggling, and trade of wild birds in the country.

FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia’s Birds, an organization dedicated to protecting Indonesian birds reveals that the wild bird business in Indonesia is a cruel business. Please see the video here:

These birds are snared with glue and nets from nature. Put into small crates. In dark conditions and without water they pressed inside the narrow space. To arrive in the bird markets, they have to travel up to hundreds of kilometers. They are sold in the markets are a small part that can survive from the journey. Most of them die when in the hands of hunters, collectors, wholesalers until in the mode of transportation. 

 Indonesia has more unique birds than any other country in the world; 380 of the 1,400 species that inhabit Indonesia are not found anywhere else in the world. Now, birds in Indonesia are under great threat.

The birds function as seed dispersers. The extinction of various types of birds will cause the extinction of various types of biodiversity.

If there are no owls and eagles to control rodents, what will happen to the population of rats and snakes? Our homes and plants are at great risk for pest rats and snakes.

Executive Director of FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia’s Birds Marison Guciano said, “Indonesia’s forests are silent, millions of birds have moved from the forest to the cities, and now we find it easier to find and listen to the sound of birds singing in cages than in nature.

He continued that the revision of Law No. 5 of 1990 on Biodiversity Conservation and its Ecosystem needs to include a criminal element for the theft of wild birds in the wild, although the species of birds are not protected. “Weak law enforcement in the wildlife crime should also be improved,” he added.