FLIGHT was formed by Marison Guciano, Nabila Fatma, and Nazia Rahma in February 2018 with a vision to raise the awareness and protect the birds of Indonesia.

FLIGHT is managed by Indonesian people for the benefit of our wildlife, especially birds and their habitat. We are registered at the Ministry of Legal and Human Rights on 6th of February 2018 (Reg #AHU-0001636.AH.01.04.Tahun 2018)  as a Not-For-Profit conservation group in Indonesia

Our focus is on protecting the birds of Indonesia by investigating and reporting poachers in the forests, documenting illegal birds and traders in markets, and we also assist the Law Enforcement and police to stop smugglers and/or traders of Indonesian Bird.

In addition, in order to actualize our vision, we build a home library and donated books concerning conservation and biodiversity to raise people’s awareness. We also conduct school visits to educate our next generation about the importance of birds to the ecosystem and to our lives.

Millions of birds have been trapped trapped and taken into the city, locked up in small cages in people’s houses, all to hear a bird sing. A lot of birds dies during capture, transport, and in cages.

For the last three years, we already helped and assisted the seizing of 139.048 birds in total of different species. We would not stop what we do until all birds free from the hands of smugglers and poachers. As much as we love to protect the birds of Indonesia, we couldn’t do it without your support.

If you want to help us, we will welcome your assistance. We need help from people from all over our country. Thank you.


Executive Director: Marison Guciano
Executive Secretary: Dixiebelle Samili
Admin: Nurlita Kumalarini
Education and Communication Director: Nabila Fatma Gaid
Advisors: Fachruddin M Mangunjaya, Shanti Shamdasani, Taru J. Wisnu, Nazlia Rahma
Honorary Advisor: Debbie Martyr
Communication Officer: Hikmah Savira
Finance: Syarifah Maya
Staf: Alex, Nur, Rian, Surya, Kumir, Tama, Amin, Budi, Faisal, Darmawan, Randi, Joko, Fahrizal, Darmanto, Rohmad
Volunteer: Brenda, Jihan Fahira, Namira Annisa, Taufik