On 6 December, FLIGHT supported road patrol police, and the Lampung Natural Resources Conservation Agency to intercept an illegal shipment of more than 750 songbirds from Way Kanan District, North Lampung to Java Island. Dozens of the hundreds of songbirds seized were protected species.

The birds were transported by inter-city bus and placed inside cardboard boxes and fruit baskets. Once confirmed healthy the birds were released into the wild on the same day.

Previously, on 2 January, FLIGHT also supported Surabaya Quarantine to rescue hundreds of reptiles – including The Pig-nosed Turtle – from the illegal wildlife trade at Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya, East Java. The hundreds of reptiles were placed into four suitcases of passengers disembarking from a passenger ship “Nggapulu” departing from Papua and Maluku destined for Jakarta.