In the last 3 months, we recorded 6 seizures of eagles – various species from the illegal wildlife trade in 5 different locations; Jakarta, East Java, East Nusa Tenggara, Central Java and Central Sulawesi. Authorities have confiscated 29 eagles of various species from illegal wildlife trade. Some of the eagles are The white-bellied sea eagle  (Haliaeetus Leucogaster), The brahminy kite (Haliastur Indus), Changeable Hawk-eagle  (Nisaetus Cirrhatus), The crested goshawk (Accipiter Trivigratus), and The black kite (Milvus Migrans).

On November 16, FLIGHT supported the police in rescuing 8 eagles – various species and 2 langurs from the illegal wildlife trade in Jakarta. One trader was arrested.

Eagles are raptors that are members of the Falconiformes order, which is recognized for its prowess in predation (Birds of Prey). They have excellent eyesight, a curved beak, and they are also powerful. There are 17 different species of eagles in Indonesia, which are dispersed over the archipelago. Eagles are birds of prey, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to poaching and illegal trafficking. Due of their exquisite appearance, they are frequently offered for sale as pets or kept as decorative collections.

Considering the importance of Eagles in the ecosystem, all species of eagles from Falconiformes (Birds of Prey) are protected by Law No.5, 1990 and Goverment Regulations No.7, 1999.