FLIGHT was formed in February 2018 specifically to raise awareness of, and help to protect the wonderful wildlife, especially birds of Indonesia.

FLIGHT is managed by Indonesian people for the benefit of our wildlife, especially birds and their habitat. We are registered at the Ministry of Legal and Human Rights on 6th of February 2018 (Reg #AHU-0001636.AH.01.04.Tahun 2018)  as a Not-For-Profit conservation group in Indonesia

Our forests are becoming silent. On any one day maybe as many 500,000 wild-caught birds can be found on sale throughout our country, and this must stop. Many more birds die either during capture or while being transported to markets. Most of these activities are illegal.

Our work ranges from investigating and reporting poachers in the forests, to documenting illegal birds and traders in markets, to persuading our government to take urgent action before it is too late and we no longer hear bird song in our villages and forests.

From 23 May 2018, FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia’s Birds and  quarantine authorities at Bakaheuni port in Lampung, southern Sumatra, will jointly patrol the port to prevent smuggling of wildlife, especially wild birds, from Sumatra to Java. Bakauheni is a strategic port, connecting Sumatra and Java in the southern part of Lampung province. Our investigations have found that this port is a key transportation route for smuggling wildlife between Sumatra and Java Island. We estimate that from 2009 to 2010, more than 14,000 birds were smuggled through Bakaheuni port.  The year 2016 witnessed huge numbers of bird seizures, with thousands of illegal birds being confiscated. Wildlife is smuggled using buses, trucks and private vehicles.

We intend to develop ecotourism by employing former poachers of birds as guides for birdwatchers. This is part of our effort to educate them and provide solutions so that they will no longer be poachers, and instead now help to maintain biodiversity.

Our 100% focus is on protecting the birds of Indonesia.

We educate people to love the birds and other biodiversity. Ask them to protect birds to stay in the wild for keeping the ecosystem balance and enrich the biodiversity. The loss of birds causes the silent forest. No more song of birds.

Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of birds have trapped and taken into the city, locked up in small cages in people’s homes, all to hear a bird sing. A great many birds die during capture, transport, and in cages, when they belong in the forest.

We will always teach people that birds have the freedom to fly wherever they like.

If you want to help us, we will welcome your assistance. We need help from people from all over our country. Thank you.


FLIGHT – Protecting Indonesia’s Birds


Executive Director: Marison Guciano
Executive Secretary: Nabila Fatma
Communication Director: Namira Annisa
Advisors: Fachruddin M Mangunjaya, Taru J. Wisnu, Nazlia Rahma
Sumatera Project Officer: Namira Annisa

Volunteer: Imam Muttaqin, Benny, Putu Sasri, Marjan, Melih