Our 100% focus is on protecting the birds of Indonesia. Before forming FLIGHT, we spent two years investigating the illegal bird trade over a vast area of our country. What we saw and photographed greatly upset as well as worried us.

It is impossible for birds to reproduce fast enough in the wild to sustain the numbers being trapped and stolen for the bird trade largely on Java. If nothing is done to stop this illegal trade, our forests and villages will soon fall silent.

It’s important to note the extremely important place birds have in keeping our environment in balance. Insects are best kept under control by birds and not lethal chemical agents. Birds also help spread seeds of both fruit and non-fruit bearing bushes and trees.

Here are a few of the terrible parts of the illegal bird trade we have documented. Most birds die after being bought because buyers have no idea what to feed them or care for their needs. It is literally a dying shame what is happening to Indonesia’s birds in the hands of poachers and traders, isn’t it?