Riau Police with the help from FLIGHT successfully arrested a West Sumatran Man as a hornbill casques collector and seized four (4) hornbill casques from him.

The perpetrator, Onar (39) who’s a collector of the hornbill casques planned to sell the casques for Two to Three Million Rupiahs. He was caught at the General Sudirman post office, Pekanbaru. When the police rummaged through his things, the 4 hornbill casques was found inside a blue sling bag.

The police and investigators are still carrying out further examination of the case, meanwhile Onar has violated Article 40 Verse 2 Of Law No.5 of 1990 Concerning Conservation of the Living Natural Resources and Its Ecosystem with maximum 5 years of jailtime and 100 Million Rupiahs fine.