Wild birds in Indonesia are stolen from their homes in the wild. Many poachers use glue or nets to catch them. Thousands are caught and sent to the hundreds of bird markets illegally every day. In Indonesia, there are thousands of bird shops scattered in various regions. Almost all shops and orders have no license to sell wildlife.

 All these birds suffer and most die prematurely. Their wings are often broken by the glue and caught in the nets used to trap them. They are crushed because they are locked in very small cages before being sent to the markets. Most of them die even before they are sold.

A bird poacher we met said that many of the birds he had captured died quickly, some even in his house. This is because these birds experience stress. Others die during transportation to the markets, in buses, boats, cars. It is not uncommon for these birds to travel hundreds of kilometres to get to the markets.

The habit of raising birds is seen in Javanese culture.

In the forest, birds live and nests trees. They keep the ecosystem in balance and enrich the biodiversity.

President Jokowi need to issue a ban to steal birds in the wild and shut down the illegal bird markets.

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