Conservation of Birds is highly important for the development of Biodiversity as a whole. Birds are also very useful indicators of a healthy environment. Because they are sensitive to habitat change and are easy to census, birds are an important tool for ecologists measuring the health of environments. Birds are also important for the whole ecosystem through their services as pollinators or seed dispersers.

Indonesia has a tremendously diverse variety of bird species. Despite the rich and diverse variety of birds, Indonesia’s Birds are also threatened from extinction. We need to take an action before it’s too late, and here, is where Education put a key role to save these birds.

Education is one of the most important key for the development in a person’s personality. Education can help people gain knowledge, motivation, and awareness of a certain problem. We provide educational programs for the youth to help us to save the birds.


Because we want our younger generation to grow up with strong awareness of the importance of animal welfare and conservation, especially of birds. We want to guide them to be the person who cares about the environment and biodiversity.