On June 18, more than 850 confiscated birds have been released into the wild by the Lampung BKSDA, Lampung Quarantine Authority, supported by FLIGHT.

The Lampung Quarantine Authority, assisted by FLIGHT, succeeded in preventing more than 850 birds from being smuggled from Sumatra to Java via Bakaheuni Port, Lampung.

The Executive Director of FLIGHT, Marison Guciano said that Sumatran birds are facing a crisis. FLIGHT investigations show that from January 2018 -18 June 2019 (1.5 years), officers at Bakaheuni Port, Lampung and Merak Port, Banten prevented more than 32,000 Sumatran birds from being smuggled between Sumatra and Java island. Bakaheuni and Merak Ports connect Sumatra and Java island.

FLIGHT investigations also show that at least 10,000 Sumatran birds are smuggled into Java every week, via buses, private cars, box cars, and even airplanes.

Since its establishment in February 2018, FLIGHT working with the Quarantine centre have, to date, rescued more than 10,000 birds.