Cilegon Agricultural Quarantine and Port Area Sector Police (KSKP) Merak with an assist from FLIGHT thwarted a smuggling attempt of 2,528 birds of various species from Lampung on Thursday, March 3rd. These birds were planned to be shipped to Bekasi by a minibus without any required quarantine and health documents.

The 2,528 birds rescued were including 1,030 Bar-winged Prinias, 315 Yellow-vented Bulbuls, 917 Cinereous Tits, 38 Zebra Doves, 15 Ashy Tailorbirds, 13 White-eyes, 182 Javan Mynas, and 18 Common Ioras.

Meanwhile, the driver and the owner of these birds were still being investigated because they have violated Article 35 Verse 1 and 3 of Law No. 21 of 2019 concerning Animal, Fish, and Plant Quarantine. The birds were already released by the Serang Nature Conservation Agency and Cilegon Agricultural Quarantine after being checked for health examination and laboratory testing of Avian Influenza disease.