Amidst the holy month of Ramadan, FLIGHT managed to assist the law enforcement to rescue more than 1800 wild birds

Even in the middle of Ramadan, the holy month, the law enforcement managed to rescue more than 1800 wild birds from three (3) seizures from different places in 3 consecutive days.

The first confiscation was carried out on Friday, April 15th, 2022 by the Bakauheni Port Special Sector Police (KSKP) at the Bakauheni Port entrance. A total of 1,177 wild birds and also 2 Marmosets and 12 Meerkats. These animals were brought from Medan on the way to Pramuka Bird Market, Jakarta. Some of the bird species brought were White-eyes, Black-naped Orioles, Sunbirds, Brown-cheeked Bulbuls, Blue-masked Leafbirds, Greater and Lesser Green Leafbirds, etc.


The perpetrator, B (45) was now being questioned by the police for his wrongdoing; Meanwhile, some of the birds were already released at the UPTD KPH Way Pisang, and the rest of them were rehabilitated at the Sumatran Wildlife Centre YJSI.

The next day on Saturday, 16th of April, FLIGHT successfully assisted the Pelalawan Regional Police to thwart a smuggling attempt of 489 wild birds in Pelalawan, Riau. Hundreds of wild birds that were confiscated vary in species, some of them include Bar-winged Prinias, Cinereous Tits, White-eyes, Crimson Sunbirds, and three species of leafbirds including Blue-masked Leafbirds, Blue-winged Leafbirds, and Lesser Green Leafbirds, etc. These birds were immediately handed over to the Riau Nature Conservation Agency (BKSDA) and released at TWA Buluh Cina, Pekanbaru.

The third seizing was done on Sunday, 17th April  The smuggling attempt was successfully thwarted by the South Sulawesi Police, South Sulawesi Nature Conservation Agency, and FLIGHT as an assist.

A total of 157 birds were rescued including 102 Yellow-cheeked Lorikeets, 54 Grosbeak Starlings, and 1 White-faced Cuckoo-dove. These poor birds were brought from South Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi using a car.

For now, all of the birds were handed over to the South Sulawesi Nature Conservation Agency to be checked up; meanwhile, the perpetrator was brought by the police to be questioned.