On Sunday, July 5, 2020 Law Enforcement Unit (Gakkum) MoEF Sumatra Region, first section of Medan Region assisted by FLIGHT Team succeeded to rescue 565 oriental white-eye birds (Zosterops Palpebrosus) and 36 Mangrove Blue-Flycatcher (Cyornis Rufigastra).  Those birds were delivered from Aceh to Lestari Travel’s Pool at Bakaran Batu Street, Medan and not equipped with legal documents. The birds came from (B) in Takengon, Central Aceh and (A) who’s domiciled in Medan, claimed as the owner of the birds.

Haluanto Ginting as The Head of Gakkum of Regional Section 1 Medan gave a statement to media, “We still continue to investigate (A) who’s claimed as the owner of the birds.  Birds that still survive will be released at TWA Sibolangit and SM Karang Gading according to expert guadience from the North Sumatra Natural Resources Conservation Center and the other dead birds will be buried.” July 7, 2020.

The operation began with public report to Gakkum about distribution of wild birds without legal documents.  Based on the information, The Operation Team of Regional Section 1 Medan, staked out Medan-Banda Aceh causeway, precisely at Tanjung Pura. Team had saw there’s a car that matching with the information and followed the car into pool.  An inspection was carried out and got confession from the driver about those boxes. After that, pedicab driver came and took the package.  Inside of the pedicab there were 5 other boxes. Team saved 13 boxes then took the pedicab driver to the office of Regional Section 1 Medan to be asked for more information. Team coordinated with North Sumatra Natural Resources Conservation Center to identify the type of the birds.

Eduward Hutapea, The Head of Gakkum MoEF Sumatera, stated to media about their gratitude towards information that given by the public. “We are thankful for the information.  We will always follow up on the public report even though the Covid-19 pandemic is still in an orderly condition and we will follow the health protocol.  Gakkum will continue to work to enforce environmental and forestry laws.” Said Eduward.