On Thursday, November 23, Lampung Agricultural Quarantine Center, assisted by FLIGHT, confiscated 1536 undocumented birds from a bus in Bakaheuni Port, Lampung, Sumatra. These birds were going to Java Island from Bandar Lampung. Species included Black laughingthrush, Chestnut-capped laughingthrush, Ashy tailorbird, Yellow-vented bulbul, and Lesser green leafbird. They were released the next day (November 24).
On 21-23, November, 2018, Lampung Agriculture Quarantine Center, assisted by FLIGHT, conducted a joint patrol with the police in Bakaheuni Port to prevent illegal smuggling of birds from Sumatra to Java.
Thousands of these birds, after testing negative for bird flu (by the Lampung Quarantine Center), were released in the Pesawaran Forest Park.