On Tuesday, July 7, 2020 Lampung Agricultural Quarantine with a joint team from the Port Sector Area Police (KSKP) assisted by FLIGHT succeeded in thwarting the smuggling of 2.074 birds.

The Head of Lampung Agricultural Quarantine, Muh Jumadh said that the smuggling attempt was stopped when the joint team undertook operation at Bakaheuni Port and managed to rescue 2074 that crammed into 166 boxes.  All of the birds were carried by 2 cars from Lampung and Bengkulu and to be shipped to Java.  The birds were not equipped with legal documents.

All birds that survived were released in the next day, after they undergo the health check.

Meanwhile, The Head of Agricultural Quarantine Agency, Ali Jamil separately engaged us to preserve various forms of Indonesia’s biodiversity from the smuggling and gave an appreciation for the performance of all parties including the Military (TNI)  and Police (POLRI) in overseeing the quarantine action process in Lampung Province.




source : https://www.instagram.com/p/CCbRWNSA0AF/?igshid=142p50tfh00j8