Starting from February 16th, Information collected by FLIGHT led to the seizure of 265 wild birds by police and quarantine in Tanjung Perak Seaport, East Java. The birds come from Papua and will be smuggled to Surabaya by container ship. The 265 wild birds were varied in species, some of them were 100 Eclectus Parrot, 21 Hooded Butcherbirds, 27 Strawberry Finches, 3 Black-capped Lory, etc.

The next day, on February 17th, Pelalawan Police successfully rescued a total of 1300 wild birds in Riau with an assist from FLIGHT. The birds were including Cinereous Tit and Bar-winged Prinias. These birds were not protected, but the smuggler couldn’t provide any required quarantine documents.

On February 21st, The Lampung Agricultural Quarantine with Port Area Sector Police (KSKP) Bakauheni foiled another smuggling attempt of 3,767 wild birds. These birds were planned to be delivered to Depok Bird Market Solo, East Java.

FLIGHT assisted the team to release all of the birds, some of them including 680 Tits, 1480 Prinias, 1140 Yellow-vented Bulbuls, etc at the Way Pisang Forest Management Unit (KPH) Area, Lampung.