In the last two weeks, FLIGHT supported the key agencies thwart smuggling or illegal trade in songbirds at Ketapang Port in Banyuwangi, Bakauheni Port in Lampung, and the Lampung Toll Road. 1059 songbirds of various species were confiscated by the authorities; some of these birds were dead, some were in good health, but there were also those that needed care, most of which were caused by damage to their wings.

Birds that have been declared healthy are immediately released back into the wild, but birds that need care will be treated first at our center. Currently, there are 108 confiscated birds at our center in Wan Abdul Rachman Grand Forest Park

The perpetrators of the illegal bird trade apparently are not afraid of the legal sanctions that threaten them; in fact, the perpetrators are recidivists who are also not deterred, even though they have been repeatedly caught for violating Law No. 5 of 1990, which regulates protected animals in Indonesia.

So, our efforts to eradicate the illegal bird trade, especially songbirds in Indonesia, must be harder, smarter, and faster than the efforts of illegal traders to smuggle birds from the wild.