On March 11, FLIGHT, in collaboration with the Lampung Quarantine authorities, succeeded in preventing the smuggling of 322 Sumatran birds to Java through Bakaheuni Port. The birds were dispatched from Ogan Kumiring Ulu, south Sumatra to Tangerang, West Java. They were crammed into a cardboard box and hidden in a bus. After checking that they were in good health, the birds were released in the wild.

On March 15, Cilegon Quarantine authorities successfully intercepted the smuggling of 570 Sumatran birds from Riau to Kendal, Central Java. Birds of various types, including blue -winged leafbirds, magpie robins, and prinia-s were being transported by mini bus.

On March 16, police at Bakaheuni Port succeeded in preventing 572 birds from being smuggled from Pekanbaru to Jakarta. They were released back into the wild after undergoing a health check. FLIGHT assisted in the whole process.

FLIGHT Executive Director Marison Guciano expressed his appreciation to the officers who had worked hard to prevent the smuggling of these birds. According to him, the Sumatran bird population is under threat, as there is increasing demand for them by markets in Java.

“Our findings are that more than 10,000 Sumatran birds are smuggled into Java every week. They use various means of transport. This must be stopped,” he said.