For the last 4 years since we started (2018-2021), FLIGHT has accomplished:

  • 185,685 songbirds species were rescued from smuggling attempts all across Indonesia. Not only songbirds, FLIGHT also manages to rescued other birds species such as Hornbills, Parrots, Lory, Eagles, Cockatoos, etc.
  • Rescued more than hundreds of other animals such as Pangolins, Long-tailed Macaques, Southern Pig-tailed Macaques, Sun Bear cub, baby Crocodiles, Deers, Slowlorises, Javan Langurs, Siamangs, and Gibbons. Other remnants such as hundreds of kilos of Pangolin scales, Helmeted Hornbill and Rhinoceros Hornbill Casques, Skin and Bones of Clouded Leopard, etc.
  • Helped the youth to boost their knowledge about animal welfare, conservation, and birds.
  • Approximately 7 schools were already visited for the animal welfare education
  • Dozens of illegal traders/sellers have completely halted their operations of birds illegal trading