On July 14, 2020 The operations team for the control of Plant and Wildlife Circulation (TSL) Regional Section II Pekanbaru , Law Enforcement Unit (Gakkum) MoEF Sumatra Region assisted by FLIGHT stopped an effort to illegal trade 1,752 wild birds which were crammed into 64 boxes and 1 cage, in two separate locations on Jalan Lintas Timur Km 57 and Km 55 Desa Mekar Jaya , Pangkalan Kerinci District, Pelalawan Regency, Riau.

The team arrested the perpetrators with the initials TDR along with a black Toyota Innova.”At the moment we are examining TDR intensively.  We also checked SR who claimed to be a bird owner.  SR claimed to have permission as a bird dealer. But after we coordinate with the Riau KSDA Center, the permits are not appropriate,” said Eduward Hutapea, Head of the Sumatera Gakkum to the media.

For next investigation, evidence consists of 1,752 birds in 64 boxes and I cage, 1 black Toyota Innova (police number D1294ADM), and TDR was at the Regional Section II Pekanbaru Office, Gakkum.

The arrest began with public report about the alleged shipment of protected species.  Gakkum immediately went to the first location at Eastern Sumatra causeaway km 57, Mekar Jaya Village, Pangkalan Kerinci, Pelalawan.   At around 9.10 pm, Team had stopped and checked the black Toyota Innova that was driven by TDR and founded 53 boxes of birds. Then the team moved to the second location at Eastern Sumatra causeaway km 55 and at around 10.5 pm.  They stopped and checked Rhema Abadi bus, got 11 boxes and 1 cage filled with birds. All birds that survived were released in the next day.

Director of Forest Prevention and Security, Directorate General of Law Enforcement Unit, Sustyo Iriono also said to media, both Gakkum and KSDAE will continue to take steps to stop the crimes that threaten the biodiversity. We must protect it, because these animals are important to maintain the function of our ecosystem. We remind to all perpetrators that we will act decisively.




source : https://www.facebook.com/1503467536643295/posts/2720949371561766/