On September 3, FLIGHT investigators conducted an investigation and were informed that there would be a bus that would smuggle birds from Lampung to Jakarta on September 5.

FLIGHT Investigators then conveyed this information to Lampung Quarantine officers. On September 5 in the afternoon, several FLIGHT investigators and Lampung quarantine officers moved to Bakauheni Port, South Lampung.

That night, due to a broken online payment system, there was a traffic jam at the port entrance. FLIGHT Investigators and quarantine officers took scattered positions.

At 10 pm, the “Pahala Kencana” bus suspected of carrying birds was seen in a queue in front of the port entrance. The bus was then stopped after passing the port entrance.

Quarantine and police officers at the port, assisted by FLIGHT, found 1,187 birds hidden in the bus toilet, driver’s bed commpartment, and the compartment under the bus stairs. The birds were crammed into more than 30 crates. The bird species included Greater green leafbird, Crested Jay, Asian fairy bluebird, Black-throated Laughingthrush, and Van Hasselt’s Sunbird.

After passing the health check, all surviving birds have been released into the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park by Lampung Quarantine, BKSDA and FLIGHT.