FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia’s Birds expressed grave concerns about the threat of extinction of wild birds to President Jokowi. There is widespread ravaging of the bird population across all parts of the country.

Birds are taken from the wild and traded illegally in the hundreds of wildlife market markets throughout Indonesia. Some are smuggled out of the country.

FLIGHT asked the President to close all illegal bird markets in Indonesia. This will directly halt the mass ravaging of birds from their natural habitats. FLIGHT’s request to the president was delivered via e-mail on Monday, March 19, 2018.

Birds perform vital functions in nature, such as seed dispersion, which encourages a variety of plants and trees to grow. Birds are also important biological agents for the control of various pests, such as mice and caterpillars.

FLIGHT investigations have revealed large scale theft, smuggling, and bird trade in Indonesia. The investigation was conducted in three locations, namely Sumatra, Java, and West Nusa Tenggara. Bird populations in Indonesia are rapidly becoming unsustainable.

Please see our investigative video here: