FLIGHT is seeking a part time project officer.

You will work based from home in Indonesia and assist FLIGHT in education and campaign and other project activities. The position is will be a maximum of 20 hours per week, and maximum of 80 hours per month.
FLIGHT seeks those with experience or interest in illegal wildlife trade and animal welfare issues. Experience and knowledge of birds is a plus.
Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia, in spoken and written is highly desirable. Experience in writing in English is preferred.
More on this position can be read below:

Campaign and Education Project Officer

Position Title : Campaign and Education Project Officer
Type of Contract : Part Time Consultancy
Hours : 15 -20 hours per week (maximum 80 hours per month)
Based at : Home-Based in Indonesia
Starting Date : November 2017 –February 2019
Reports To : Director of Education and Research

The campaign and education project officer will be responsible for managing FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia’s Birds campaign and education material, social media pages, and assist in fundraising activities. The project officer will work closely with the director of education and research, FLIGHT partners, and FLIGHT volunteers.


A. FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia’s Birds campaign, education and social media communication
1. Manage FLIGHT campaign and fund raising pages, along with social media pages
2. Create content to support the needs for FLIGHT campaign and FLIGHT social media pages.
3. Create content for education and information dissemination, when required.
4. Conduct daily search of bird-trade and bird-welfare related news and information.
5. Assist in FLIGHT education work with FLIGHT volunteers.
6. Participate in other FLIGHT campaign and education activities, as required.

B. FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia’s Birds campaign and fundraising
1. Assist in search for grant and fund raising opportunities for FLIGHT.
2. Assist in writing and developing of proposals for fund raising purposes
3. Assist in responding to enquiries related to FLIGHT campaigns and social media pages.
4. Engage and manage communication with FLIGHT partners and stakeholders related to FLIGHT campaign and Fund raising purposes

C. FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia’s Birds other activities
1. Participate and assist in FLIGHT activities, as required.
2. Assist in translation of FLIGHT documents, as required.
3. Participate in coordination meetings, as required.

1. Increased funds and interest for FLIGHT fundraising, campaign (petition), and social media pages
2. Increased campaign, education, and fundraising materials
3. Increased submission of proposals into Grant opportunities
4. Monthly hourly time sheet listing weekly duties conducted

1. This is a remote home-based position.
2. The project officer will submit a weekly time sheet that lists the completed workload during the week.
3. The project officer will attend video call/ remote voice call meetings at least once a week.

1. Familiarity with and an interest in conservation; familiarity and interest in illegal wildlife trade issues preferred.
2. Familiarity with NGOs and previous experience communicating with national and international stakeholders preferred but not essential
3. Experience with management of social media platforms and content;
4. Have good IT skills; experience using tweetdeck, petition and fundraising platforms preferred but not essential
5. Fluency in English is essential; Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia is highly desired
6. Good English writing skills is required. Experience in writing articles, proposals, or any form of academic writing is highly desired.
7. Independent thinker and showing initiative in developing innovative approaches.

The project officer consultant will work 15-20 hours depending on experience and work load for the week. The consultant will be paid a sum of IDR 30,000 to IDR 50,000 per hour depending on experience.

To apply for this position, send your CV and cover letter to flightprotectingbirds@gmail.com using “FLIGHT Project Officer Appl” as subject title. Apply by 20 October 2018. For further enquiries contact FLIGHT at flightprotectingbirds@gmail.com.