We must aware that birds are important members of the ecosystem. They’re part of the food chain so it becomes a key to maintain the balance of nature. For example, birds help pollinate and control pests in field/plantation. Therefore, we must take a responsibility in maintaining the preservation of Indonesia’s birds.

FLIGHT continues to strive and prevent illegal trade of Sumatran Birds as a form in protecting the ecosystem. Three days in a row started from 27 July – 29 July 2020 we visited Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) Jambi, BKSDA Riau and Law Enforcement Unit (Gakkum) MoEF Sumatera. In there, we were met by Rahmad Saleh as the head of BKSDA Jambi, Ujang Holisudin as Head of Protection & Preservation in Riau, Eduward Hutapea as Head of Gakkum Sumatera and other staffs.

Huge appreciation to these three institutes for the excellent cooperation in saving Sumatran birds from illegal trade. The effort to save Sumatran wild birds requires cooperation from all parties.

FLIGHT hopes that this excellent cooperation will continue in the future in order to prevent and overcome the illegal trade of Sumatran Birds.