Earlier on Thursday, February 3rd, Mataram Agricultural Quarantine and FLIGHT conducted a Focus Group Discussion and/or socialization regarding regulations of Plant and Wildlife traffic (TSL) to relevant agencies, vary from governmental, as well as wildlife activists. The socialization was done as a result of rampant traffic of plants and wildlife that still doesn’t meet the requirements of the regulations.

Starting with an opening from the Mataram Agricultural Quarantine, implying that the quarantine regulations serve to prevent the entry, exit, and the spread of animal and plant diseases. Hence, people must follow the procedure and fulfill the requirements.

The West Nusa Tenggara Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA), also stated that Indonesia got a rich diversity in plants and wildlife so if we want to utilize it, we need to do it in a sustainable way. The state has regulated the use of plants and wildlife.

The discussion also mention the need of support from the Police, Military forces, and other institutions in law enforcement against violations of Agricultural Commodity Traffic, escorting and guarding the country from threats that cause losses.

After the discussion ended, FLIGHT Communication Director, Nabila Fatma, presented a plaque of appreciation to drh. Arinaung Siregar M.Si, Head of the Mataram Agricultural Quarantine for the implementation of the Socialization of Regulations of Plants and Animals Traffic (TSL).