Subdit IV Specific Criminal Acts (Tipidter) of the Lampung Regional Police Special Criminal Investigation supported by Flight succeeded in apprehending suspected illegal wildlife traffickers in Bandar Lampung, Lampung Province on Tuesday (2/6/2020)

A suspect, who is 24 and a resident of Kotabumi, North Lampung, was arrested by officers while allegedly transporting protected animals in front of the Lampung Museum, Bandar Lampung.

Speaking through Police Commissioner Zulman Topan, the Head of the Sub-division of Public Information, Zahwani Pandra Arsyad, Chief Commissioner of the Police and the Head of Lampung Police Public Relations, confirmed the arrest.

“Yes, one person has been arrested. Officers secured evidence in the form of four Siamang gibbon babies and three oriental owls,” he said, speaking on Wednesday (3/6/2020)


It is alleged that the suspect, who is still a student, was offering 4 Siamang gibbon babies for sale at Rp 1.7 million per animal, and the owls were being offered at Rp 700 thousand per owl on Facebook.

According to Zulman, currently the police are still developing this case of animal trafficking for further processing.

“Currently it is still in the investigation stage, and is in the process of being investigated by investigators,” said Zulman.

Head of Conservation Section III Lampung, BKSDA Bengkulu, Hifzon Zawahiri spoke of the condition of the animals which had been confiscated by the Lampung Regional Police.

“When rescued, the four primates were dehydrated, stressed and malnourished,” said Hifzon.

BKSDA Lampung will be rehabilitating these animals and will release them back into the wild. The animals’ condition has improved in the Bandar Lampung Animal Rescue Center (PPS).

While Flight Director, Marison Guciano said that the arrest of traffickers of protected wildlife trade carried out by the Lampung Regional Police was proof that law enforcement continued during this pandemic.

“For poachers and illegal traders who might assume that the officers are not working during this pandemic, the assumption is proven wrong,” he said when interviewed by on Thursday (6/4/2020)

Marison expressed his appreciation for the Lampung Regional Police in successfully eradicating the trade in endangered species amid the threat of the corona virus.

“This clearly shows that they continue to work and do not dampen the spirit to save our biodiversity from the threat of illegal trade,” he concluded.