Our organization has done a lot over the past 1 year.

Here are our achievements over the past 1 year in 2021 regarding wildlife rescue efforts, especially Songbirds in Indonesia.

The attached graphics shows the animals which successfully rescued by the Law Enforcement Team with and assist from FLIGHT for the last 1 year.

In total, animals that have been rescued:

> 46,637 Songbirds from various species including Sunbirds, Leafbirds, White-eyes, etc. These birds has been released back into the wild.

> 8 other birds, including 1 Wreathed Hornbill, 1 Great-billed Parrot, 1 Black-capped Lory, 1 Coconut Lorikeet, 2 Yellow-crested Cockatoos, 1 Crested Serpent Eagle, and 1 Brahminy Kite.

> 24 Primates from 6 different species, which are 5 Agile Gibbons, 3 Siamangs, 11 Long-tailed Macaques, 1 Southern Pig-tailed Macaque, 1 Orangutan, and 3 Javan Langurs

> 1 Sun Bear Cub and 1 Pangolin

> 8 Helmeted Hornbill Casques and 5 Rhinoceros Hornbill Casques

> 1 Clouded Leopard Skin & Bones

> 227,6 Kg of Pangolin Scales

These numbers could (and should) send shivers down your spine because it is very alarming and terrifying.
Trafficking of animals should not happen, and definitely should stop. Let the animals stay alive in the wild to build a better life.

You could help us save the animals including birds of Indonesia from traffickers by donating. Click the link on flightprotectingbirds.org/donate/ or our bio to proceed.

Last, FLIGHT is also grateful to our partners @animalsasia , @change_for_animals_foundation , @rainforest_rescue , @mandaiwildlifereserve , March Conservation Fund, @theellenfund , and the communities who have tirelessly supported our work.