The Indonesian Quarantine Agency through the South Lampung Bakauheni Port Service Unit together with Flight Protecting Indonesia’s Birds managed to rescue 2,540 Sumatran birds from the illegal wildlife trade on 4 May. Thousands of wildlife were suspected to be smuggled to Java Island through the Bakauheni-Merak crossing service.Head of the Lampung Quarantine Unit of Bakauheni Port, Dr. Akhir Santoso, said the joint officers seized the 2,540 wild birds from the hands of couriers I and F. Courier I is a resident of South Lampung and Courier F is a resident of Pringsewu District, Lampung Province. 

“The thousands of wild birds were seized from a black Toyota Innova with license plate number BE1296CC bound for Java at around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday (5/4/2024),” said Drh Akhir Santoso, head of Lampung Quarantine’s Bakauheni Port Unit on Saturday (5/4/2024).

Officers recorded that of the 2,540 birds, 80 were small shrike, 18 were asian glossy starling, 1,120 were bar-winged prinia, 31 were Javan Myna (chicks). Grey-headed babbler (48), Zebra dove (156), Javan myna (475), white-eye bird (195), Great tit (232), shrike (55). Black drongo (5), Ashy drongo (1), Starling (79), Common flameback (8), Fulvous-chested jungle flycatcher (8). Then there were Olive-winged bulbul (4), Streaked bulbul (12), White-rumped shama (2), Black-cepped bulbul (1), Iora (2), Blue nuthatch (3), Pale-blue flycatcher (3) and Black-throated laughingthrust (2).

“The birds originated from Bandar Lampung and were destined for Bandung, West Java,” said Akhir.

The team thwarted the smuggling of thousands of wild birds after receiving information. The team received information regarding the planned shipment of animals from Sumatra Island to Java, through Bakauheni Port.

The team brought the Toyota Innova to the Bakauheni Port Service Unit office for further investigation. The two couriers are being questioned by the Quarantine civil servant investigators (PPNS). The officers also found another police number, BE1413AAR.”Because the wildlife was not reported to the quarantine officer, and was not equipped with the required documents, the officer detained the wildlife,” said Akhir.

The article violated is Article 88 of Law No. 21 of 2019 on the quarantine of animals, fish and plants. The punishment is a maximum of 2 years imprisonment and a fine of IDR 2 billion.

Thousands of confiscated birds were released to their natural habitat on May 5, 2024.