32 Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus) were confiscated by Nature Conservation Agency (BKSDA) from two dealers at Nagari Persiapan Kandih, Agam Regency on Friday, 30th April 2021. Ade Putra, the head of BSDA Agam Resort said that the confiscation was started when an officer was on a Safari Ramadhan trip at Tanjung Raya sub-district. The officer saw the two perpetrators RP (33) and R (30) riding on a motorcycle with two cages on hand filled with a lot of birds.


“I felt suspicious with those riders, so I stopped him on the side of the road that connects Lubuk Basung and Bukittinggi.” said the BKSDA officer on Saturday, 1st May 2021. Ade also said that the two perpetrators couldn’t provide the required official documents when the BKSDA officer asked them.


RP and R were taken for interrogation about their doing. They said that the birds were obtained from hunting in West Agam Area and brought them for trades on Bukittinggi. They also said that they already did this multiple times. These perpetrators sold the birds for twenty thousand rupiahs for one individual.


The perpetrator’s wrongdoing for transporting wild birds without permission and legal documents have violated Article 41 Verse 1 of Government Regulations No.8 of 1999 on Wild Flora and Fauna Exploitation. Ade Putra also mentions that RP and R were given education about wild animal exploitation so that the two won’t repeat their wrongdoing. While for the Javan Myna, the poor birds were brought by the BKSDA officer for a release to the natural preservation area in Maninjau.



Link to the news > https://katasumbar.com/pedagang-burung-tertangkap-tangan-saat-bawa-32-ekor-jalak-kerbau-di-agam/