On September 3, the Cilegon Quarantine Officer informed FLIGHT that there would be a bus carrying birds illegally from Pekanbaru, Sumatra to Java. FLIGHT Investigators were asked by authorities to identify the bus when it entered Lampung from Pekanbaru.

On September 4 in the morning, a FLIGHT investigator found the bus beside a restaurant in Lampung when it was transiting before continuing its trip to Java. A FLIGHT Investigator conveyed this information to the Cilegon quarantine authority in Java.

The Cilegon Quarantine Officer then passed on this information to the Lampung quarantine authority so that the bus could be stopped at the Bakauheni port before it entered the Merak port, in Banten, West Java.

On September 4 in the afternoon, the bus was stopped at Bakauheni Port by Lampung quarantine authorities. Quarantine and police found 318 birds which were crammed into 10 boxes in luggage compartment of the bus. The bird species included Greater green leafbird, Cinereous tit and Bar-winged prinia.

Birds were released  into the wild the next day after going through a medical examination.