The Cilegon Quarantine Center succeeded in stopping the illegal smuggling of 2140 birds, from Sumatra to Java in Merak Port, Banten, on Tuesday (11/27). These birds were not accompanied by the required documents. They are from the Black-throated Prinia and white eye species and would have been sent to Jakarta.

Together with BKSDA and FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia’s Birds, the Cilegon Quarantine Center released surviving birds the following day, into the Gunung Tukung Gede Nature Reserve.

Director of Communication of FLIGHT, Namira Annisa, said that the port of Merak has been fortified to prevent the smuggling of birds from Sumatra to Java.

“We appreciate the efforts of the Cilegon Quarantine Center, which in the past two weeks has halted the smuggling of more than 8000 birds from Sumatra to Java, and who have returned these birds into the wild,” she said.